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HACCP Certified Products

HACCP Certified Products
Delta Chemtop MF TS

Delta Chemtop MF TS is a solvent free, self-smoothing polyurethane flooring system for thin layer application and repairs in matt finish.

Thin set high chemical resistance floor overlay on concrete substrate with a smooth surface finish, laid at ave. 2mm thick.

Delta Chemtop MF

Delta Chemtop MF is a solvent free, self-smoothening polyurethane flooring system with a smooth matt surface finish.

High chemical resistance floor overlay on concrete substrate with a smooth surface finish.

Delta Chemtop UD 200

Delta Chemtop UD 200 is a solvent free polyurethane trowel-applied screed for industrial application and repair system in matt, anti-skid finish offering versatility in performance, aesthetics and economics.

High chemical resistance floor screed on concrete substrate with operating temperature of -25ºC to 84ºC.

Delta Chemtop WR

Delta Chemtop WR is a solvent free polyurethane mortar for coving and vertical surfaces.

High chemical resistance mortar for coving and vertical surfaces.

Delta Chemtop DP Topcoat

Delta Chemtop DP Topcoat is a solvent based polyurethane top coat with a smooth matt surface finish.

High chemical resistance top coat

Delta EC 8

Delta EC 8 is a solvent free, high-build, water based epoxy coating.

As floor and wall coatings, especially where solvent based material is undesirable. Suitable for use as carpark coating.

Delta Crystal System

Delta Crystal is a decorative flooring system which incorporates coloured synthetic flakes in a base coat and sealed with clear, solvent free epoxy resins. Can be used as a floor or wall finish.

Ideal for overlay applications to existing floor and wall tiles, i.e. toilets and kitchens which require fast application and curing time. Conveniently packed to cover for application of a 4 square meter area toilet and completed in one day.

Application Video:

Delta Starlite 115 QS

Delta Starlite 115 QS is a three component, solvent free, quick-setting epoxy mortar screed system.

Quick setting floor overlay to improve compressive strength, wear resistance of new concrete floor and restoration of old concrete floor.


Delta Starlite 500 (Floor)

Delta Starlite 500 (Floor) is a solvent based, high performance, pigmented or clear polyester urethane coating.

– UV resistant coating for floor.
– Clear coating to improve UV resistance of existing coatings.

Delta Fastrack T45

Delta Fastrack T45 is a solvent free, fast setting, pre-mixed magnesia-phosphate cement mortar for rapid, high early strength repair situations.

Fast setting repair mortar for application at sub zero temperature, as low as -25ºC, minimum 15mm thickness