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About Us

Delta Intercontinental Pte Ltd is a leading trading and manufacturing company in industrial flooring, protective coating and waterproofing systems. We offer a wide range of products that feature frontline technology. With state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and a team of technical professionals, we provide quality products, technical support and solutions for your surface protection needs.



Our Products



Acid-tiles-2 Acid Tiles

Anti-Algae-2 Anti Algae

Anti-microbial-2 Anti Microbial

Anti-Mold-2 Anti-Mold

categorybanner Anti Slip

Anti-Static-floor-2 Anti Static

Blast-mitigation-coating-2 Blast Mitigation

Chemical-resistance-floor-2 Chemical Resistant

Concrete-sealer-2 Concrete Sealer

Decorative flooring-2 Decorative

Green-coating-2 “GREEN” Coating

HACCP-Certified-flooring 2 HACCP Certified Products

heat-reflective-coating-2 Heat Reflective

High-build-coating High Build Coating

Non-gassing-coating-2 Non Gassing

Floor-Primer-2 Primer

rapid-cure-coating-2 Rapid Cure

Self-levelling-floor-2 Self Leveling

self-cleaning-coating-2 Self Cleaning

UV-resistant-coating-2 UV Resistant

water-repellent-2 Water Repellent



Acrylic-waterproofing-2 Acrylic

Bitumen-waterproofing-2 Bituminous

Polyurea-waterproofing-2 Polyurea

Metal-Roof-Waterproofing-2 Polyurethane

Crack-Injection-2 Repair Grout

Distributor Wanted Worldwide

DELTA is offering licensing packages to able and willing partners who are interested in obtaining the rights to distribute and operate DELTA in their respective territories.