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About Company


Delta Intercontinental Pte Ltd is a leading trading and manufacturing company in industrial flooring, protective coating and waterproofing products. Featuring frontline coating technology, Delta aims to equip herself with more high performance technology to better address our customers’ needs. We offer a wide range of products with different applications which serve across diverse industries such as pharmaceutical, electronics, food & beverages, manufacturing, hotel etc. Quality control has always been Delta’s utmost concern. With state of the art laboratory facilities, we are able to ensure our product quality by conducting various international standard test methods. Delta is committed in providing technical support. With our team of professionals, we are able to provide solutions for the most distinct needs of our customers. With your construction needs, Delta Intercontinental Pte Ltd, Your Partner in Construction Chemicals, is always ready to deliver.

Certs & Award

Delta is accredited with ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and HACCP Food Safety Management System. Our Delta Nano range of products is Singapore Green Label certified. Read our Environmental Policy here.


Featured Technology

DELTA NANO – A Green Nanotechnology that harnesses the natural power of light to oxidize organic substances and create a superhydrophilic surface for self-cleaning purpose. Does not contain toxic chemicals or solvents.


Distributor Wanted Worldwide

DELTA is offering licensing packages to able and willing partners who are interested in obtaining the rights to distribute and operate DELTA in their respective territories.