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Anti Microbial

Anti Microbial
Delta Nano Hygiene XT

Delta Nano Hygiene XT is a water based nano-sized TiO2 (titanium dioxide) anti odor coating integrated with other proprietary nano-sized functional additives to enable it to be functional in indoor conditions. It is an anti microbial and anti odor coating specially formulated for difficult building interiors surfaces such as sanitary areas.

Anti microbial and anti odor coating for building interiors surfaces. Contribute to the green mark score for BCA Green Mark Scheme under ‘Green Features and Innovation’.

Application Video:

Delta Starlite 1001 AS AM

Delta Starlite 1001 AS AM is an anti bacterial and anti mold water dispersed epoxy sealer/top coat. Available in clear or pigmented finishes. Specially formulated to include nano TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and other proprietary additives derived from Delta Nano technology.

Ideal for use as anti mold floor and wall coatings, especially where solvent based material is unsuitable.