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RC Roof Waterproofing

RC Roof Waterproofing
Delta PU 20H

A highly flexible, single component, water based modified polyurethane which is used together with reinforcement fabric to provide a liquid-applied waterproofing system for RC and metal roof.

For waterproofing of RC roof, metal roof, flashing, cappings, gutters, and other ancillary areas.

Delta Polyflex 5A

Delta Polyflex 5A is a highly flexible, liquid-applied, water based acrylic emulsion reinforced with a reinforcement fabric to provide an in situ, seamless waterproofing system.

UV resistance waterproofing membrane for concrete and steel substrate.

Delta Reinforcement Fabric

A high strength non woven reinforcement fabric for use with Delta waterproofing systems.

For use with Delta waterproofing systems as reinforcement.