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Metal Roof Waterproofing

Metal Roof Waterproofing
Delta PU 20H

A highly flexible, single component, water based modified polyurethane which is used together with reinforcement fabric to provide a liquid-applied waterproofing system for RC and metal roof.

For waterproofing of RC roof, metal roof, flashing, cappings, gutters, and other ancillary areas.

Delta PE 480

Delta PE 480 is a two component, solvent based surface tolerant epoxy primer for metal. It has integral anti-rust properties.

Primer for metal roof or metal structure.

Delta Starlite 500 (Metal Roof)

Delta Starlite 500 (Metal Roof) is a two component, solvent based polyester urethane coating for metal roof. It has integral waterproofing properties.

Integral waterproofing coating for metal roof or metal structure.

Delta Polyflex 5A

Delta Polyflex 5A is a highly flexible, liquid-applied, water based acrylic emulsion reinforced with a reinforcement fabric to provide an in situ, seamless waterproofing system.

UV resistance waterproofing membrane for concrete and steel substrate.

Delta Polyflex 10

Delta Polyflex 10 is a rubberised bitumen emulsion which is used together with Delta Reinforcement Fabric to provide a liquid applied waterproofing system.

Waterproofing membrane for total water immersion, for concrete and steel substrate.

Application Video:

Delta Polyflex 40

Delta Polyflex 40 is a one-pack, solvent based aluminium pigmented heat reflective coating in silver finish.

Aluminium pigmented bitumen solution for metallic, most bituminous and concrete substrate for heat reflective purposes.

Delta Reinforcement Fabric

A high strength non woven reinforcement fabric for use with Delta waterproofing systems.

For use with Delta waterproofing systems as reinforcement.

Delta Polyprime 33

Delta Polyprime 33 is a two component, water based epoxy primer for concrete and metal substrate.

As a primer for Delta Waterproofing System.